Leave behind the hot summer months, when the days shorten and the start of the fall season the weather get cooling and the diseases based on the door. In this period weather changes and it ican disturbing your balance of body temperature at a time can lower the bed.

What is the common cold
What is the common cold

Last spring, the beginning of the most common disease caused by temperature changes of the body disrupts the balance of the common cold. In general, expressed as colds or the flu dilir. The viruses cause the common cold at some kind of microbe. Sneezing and coughing of infected people who emit into the air by mixing the virus and as a result of breathing the air of healthy individuals or received eyes infected with the disease develops.

However, common colds in winter is usually passed to a lighter or even disappear spontaneously. However, all the world’s most common diseases that cause loss of power and business category. Children and people with low body resistance, sinusitis, bronchitis, middle ear infections and pneumonia may result.

Children are more at risk of catching colds are more common in children. When Dolls get ill four or five times a year, reduced the frequency of disease grows, the immune systems evolved. However, boys are more susceptible than girls.

Living in those with narrow or crowded areas of transmission in families is easier to increase the risk of colds. More over, people with respiratory diseases and the use of non- detection rate is higher than the common cold. Vitamin deficiencies, especially those who are at greater risk of vitamin A deficiency.

The first condition in preventing a cold with plenty of fresh air and hygiene is very important. Wash your hands often with plenty of water and the nose, hand organs, such as eye contact should be avoided. sick people belongings mustn’t be touch and the media constantly aired and the media constantly must be aired. There is no definitive treatment of this disease easily transmitted. Even there is about it well known word, if it is treated seven days, if not it is a week.

For certain the most important treatment have a resting. In here the aim is that cold symptoms dampening to resolve and relievethe patient’s. When drug use also should be careful, antibiotics are unnecessary, at that time it is unuseful. The best practice is the use of saline solution which is without side effects.