Astonishingly, even in the past decade medical world did not know the greater importance of Vitamin D. In most recent years some of the new discoveries about vitamin D shocked the world that it also connected to the symptoms and development of many pandemic medical problems such as type 2 Diabetes, obesity, Osteoporosis, Fatigue, Muscle Aches and, Muscle Dissipation.

Vitamin D deficiency a silent killer!

What is Vitamin D ?

Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin that has attributes of both a vitamin and a hormone, and it’s required for the absorption and utilization of calcium and phosphorous, it is necessary for growth, and is especially important for the normal growth and development of bones and teeth in children. It protects against muscle weakness and is involved in regulation of heartbeat. It is also important in the prevention a treatment of breast and Colon cancer, Osteoarthritis, Osteoporosis and, Hypocalcaemia.

Vitamin D deficiency a silent killer!

Forms of vitamine D

It enhances immunity and is necessary for thyroid function and normal blood clotting. There are several forms of vitamin D, including vitamin D2 (ergocalciferol), which comes from food sources, vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol), which is synthesized in the skin exposure to sun’s ultraviolet rays, and a synthetic form indentified as vitamin D5.  Vitamin D3 is considered the natural form if vitamin D and was thought to be the most active. Newer data shows that D2 is as effective as D3 in maintaining vitamin D levels in the blood.
The form of vitamin D that we get from food or supplements is not fully active. It requires conversion by the liver and then by the kidneys, before it becomes fully active, therefore, people with liver or kidney disorders are the higher risk for Osteoporosis. When the skin is exposed to the Sun’s ultraviolet rays, a cholesterol compound in the skin is transformed into a precursor of vitamin D.

Vitamin D has been the ignored vitamin until recently, studies have shown that at least 40 percent of people have less-than optimal levels of the vitamin in their blood. Consuming high level of vitamin D through supplements can increase the risk of toxicity; further research is being conducted on vitamin D supplements safety. So take extra caution!

Vitamin D deficiency symptoms

The prime reason for muscle aches due to vitamin D deficiency is lack of absorption of other minerals in the body; calcium and phosphorous are two very important minerals which helps muscle contraction, recovery, repair, and for the bone health.

vitamin D deficiency

For body to regulate and efficiently use these two minerals without adequate vitamin D is a very stressful condition, consequently, body exhibits its signs of fatigue, muscular pain, waste and brittle bones.

 vitamin D is a very stressful condition

The best source of vitamin D is ultra violet (UV) rays, when sun rays shine on our skin. Normally 5 to 10 minutes skin exposure to the sun two to three times a week is enough to produce sufficient amount of vitamin in the human body, nevertheless it is not as easy as it seems. In some hot countries in the world standing before sun even for couple of minutes is very challenging task.

source of vitamin D is ultra violet

Conversely, in the cold countries sun is mostly shrouded under the clouds; also wearing very warm clothes make it very difficult to get enough vitamin D naturally.  get enough vitamin D naturallySome individuals experience no symptoms of vitamin D deficiency and for some individuals symptoms are very mild and very subtle to notice.

Common symptoms of vitamin D deficiency are: diarrhea, nausea, dry skin, weakness, muscle soreness, tiredness, obesity, constipation, heart problems, and depression.

vitamin D deficiency
Dehydro-cholestrol is photo transformed to pre-vitamin D3 and this process further is converted into vitmainD3 (cholecalciferol). In the blood serum vitamin D3 binding protein transport D3 to the liver, where it is processed, if we talk about in a simpler manner to understand it.

symptoms of vitamin D deficiency

Here are some natural ways to boost your daily vitamin D intake and reduce muscle soreness:
Sun exposure without Sun cream

5 to 10 minutes 3 times a week direct skin exposure to the Sun is the best way to replenish your vitamin D needs, but this can only be beneficial if you don’t use any sun cream, mostly sun cream hinders the body ability to absorb the Sun rays.

direct skin exposure to the Sun

However, if you’re going to be out in the Sun for hours, then you can apply Sun cream.

Don’t throw your yolks away

Egg yolk contains good amount of vitamin D and vitamin D from eggs is easily absorbed by body.

Egg white contains no vitamin D, so it’s not a good idea to throw your egg yolk away, as in the last decade there was an egg controversy that don’t eat egg yolk, please don’t listen to that and enjoy your whole eggs. It’s much cheaper and better than supplements.

Ample vitamin D in oily fish

Oily fish such as salmon, mackerel, and herring is great source of vitamin D, one fillet of salmon fish comprises more than recommended daily amount of vitamin D.

Ample vitamin D in oily fish

Wild salmon has more vitamin D than farmed salmon.


Mushroom is the only vegetable has good amount of vitamin D. Mushrooms exposed to the sunlight naturally generate vitamin D.


Mushrooms are tasty and one of the dietary ways to top-up your daily vitamin D requirement.


Dairy products such as milk, cheese or butter contains vitamin D. you can include dairy products as part of your health balance diet and can consume in moderation. Fat free milk does not contain any vitamin D, because vitamin D is fat soluble vitamin.


Some cereals are fortified with vitamin D; this form of vitamin D is synthetic form of vitamin D2, which is a bit difficult for body to absorb efficiently.

Supplements last resort

If you have made all the efforts to obtain your vitamin D from natural sources but you are still deficient on vitamin D or have some medical problems which prevents your body to absorb vitamin D, then taking supplement after consulting your doctor can be beneficial to replenish your vitamin D.

Supplements last resort

Make sure, you do not take excessive amount of vitamin D containing supplements. Vitamin D overdosing can be toxic and fatal.

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