Every person needs energy to maintain his or her life and he get this energy from the foods that he consumes. We need this energy even while we are sleeping. There is an average amount of food to be had by each person so as to produce the energy he needs. If you go beyond that amount, you begin putting on weight. And that’s the starting point of obesity. Having more calories than you can spend in your daily life is one of the causes of obesity. You shouldn’t spend foods containing so many calories if you are not supposed to get rid of them.

Inactivity, the best friend of excessive calories, is another reason for obesity. If you are an inactive person, you are not capable of being rid of excessive calories that you don’t need actually. Working in an office for a long time, going everywhere by car or bus, spending hours by watching TV and consuming junk food in addition doing these activities makes your body have excessive amount of fat and you put on weight. You can do various sports such as running, walking, playing basketball or something else. Walking seems so simple to you but it is very effective against obesity. Even if you are not a man of sports, you walk every day in order to avoid obesity and other diseases that obesity causes.

Hereditary qualities of a person also cause obesity which is harmful for health. If you have obese parents or ancestors, you are under the risk of obesity. In such a case, you should be more careful than those who don’t have hereditary obesity risk. You can choose what you eat more carefully and avoid junk food so as to protect your health. You also shouldn’t disregard the precautionary side of doing sports against obesity. You are lucky because you can are aware of the risks and you can take measure, so you can keep obesity away from yourself.

The last one of the causes of obesity is the use of medicine because of some health problems. There are many obese people in the world who don’t have obese ancestors or who take care of what they eat and do sports. The reason for their obesity may be serums that they were given for an illness, drugs for depression or cortisone used for the treatment of cancer. Such kind of obese people are a bit unlucky because they need medical help so as to get rid of their extra weights. Doing sports and a balanced diet is not enough for them.