Making healthy food choices can be tough.  We live in a world filled with food temptation, from calorific chocolate bars to cheese laden pizzas and all the tasty treats in-between.   So how do you make smarter choices when faced with these mouth-watering goodies? And are some so called ‘healthy’ choices really that good for us? I know how hard it can be to eat smart and wanted to share with you my top tips for making healthy food choices.

Healthy food choices
1) Healthy Food …Always check the label!

It may seem obvious but always check the nutritional and calorie content of the food you buy.  Many foods labelled as ‘lighter’ or a ‘low fat’ are often not that much better than regular versions of the same product and are often higher in salt and sugar. Taking a couple of seconds to read what’s in the food you buy puts you back in control of what’s going in your body. Healthy Food: Avoid processed foods

2)Healthy Food: Avoid processed foods

Buying whole unprocessed foods and making up your meals from scratch will definitely up the health factor of your diet.   It means you get the best possible nutritional content from your food and helps you avoid chemical colourings and additives added to pre-prepared meals.  If a lack of time means that making fresh meals is difficult then try making up batches of healthy meals like casseroles over the weekend and popping them in the freezer for an easy weekday choice.

3)Healthy Food :  Keep a food diary

It can be so easy to eat mindlessly and forget just what food you have eaten over the course of a day.   Keeping a log of all the food you eat either via an online app or in a notebook can help you be more mindful of your food choices and balance out an unhealthy meal with better choices across the rest of the day.

4)Healthy Food: Never food shop on an empty stomach

Hungry shoppers make bad choices!  Research has proven that shoppers who have not eaten recently choose more calorific food that is higher in fat and sugar.   Eating a small meal before hitting the shops means that you will make more sensible choices and come away with a much healthier food haul.

Healthy Food: Never food shop on an empty stomach
5)Healthy Food: Allow yourself some ‘naughty’ foods

Okay so sitting and eating chocolate bars all day is a bad idea but allowing yourself a small treat every now and then will keep the cravings at bay and prevent full on eating splurges.   Try and plan your treat into your schedule to motivate you to keep up your healthy diet the rest of the time.

 Healthy Food: Allow yourself some ‘naughty’ foods
6)Healthy Food: Try new things

Do you find it hard to eat healthily because the thought of constant salads, lean meat and veg is just so dull? Healthy food can be exciting and tasty if you take some time to think outside of the box and try new things.  Set yourself a challenge to cook a new healthy recipe each week and discover that healthy food can be exciting!
I hope my top tips help you to make healthier choices and help make healthy eating part of a happy and fulfilling lifestyle!