So you’ve decided you wanted to pack on a bit of muscle and Get Ripped at Home. Okay, you’ve always wanted to have those rippling six-pack abs and those packed upper arms that you know will make women at the beach go crazy over you. But you have no guts to pack up your gym bag and sign up for a gym membership. Really, who wants to start with small weights when everyone else will probably be bench pressing 350 pounds. And besides, a gym membership is really just another unnecessary expense to add more burdens to your bank account. In this article I will show you how to get ripped at home at no expense.

How to Get Ripped at Home
How to Get Ripped at Home

But why is it unnecessary?

Well, because you can always get ripped at home. That’s right. No trying to impress with your brand new training shoes. No getting distracted by cuties on the treadmill. And no gym memberships. But because you lack the benefit of having someone who can look over your shoulder to see if you’re doing the right thing, you will have to take this on all by yourself. That’s okay. You can do this by yourself at home, as long as you create a well-researched muscle-building plan and stick to it all the time.

How to Get Ripped at Home : Get Started
You need to have a program that is tailored specifically to your needs. Not all workout programs you will find for free on the Internet will work for you. There are different programs that were created for different people with different body types and working for different exercise goals. Your goal is to build muscle so though you won’t find another person’s program to be 100% identical with yours, your program will most likely consist of the following: weight training, dieting, supplementing, and recovery.

Next, design a regular schedule of your workouts. An hour’s training session of three to six times every week is the recommended length for any body builder. Anything that is beyond three hours may lead to overtraining and little to zero muscle gain. It is important that you design several different routines or vary your existing one every month or so because the muscles you exercise with one routine may become used to the exercise you’re doing and become too conditioned to it.

What exercises, then, should you include in your routine?
The best exercises to do at home are those that do not require the use of the machines that you can only usually find at the gym. These are bodyweight exercises, or strength training exercises that don’t need weights to be performed. In many ways, doing bodyweight exercises can be more beneficial than lifting weights because they work on several muscle groups at a time for the least amount of time. They can also help you develop functional strength that is different from that provided by lifting weights. Bodyweight exercises are called compound exercises because they work on compound muscle groups.
But there are also bodyweight exercises that require isolation movements, such as the bicep curl, and they require the use of weights for them to actually be effective. So getting ripped at home is not entirely device-free. You need to have at least a set of dumbbells and a pull-up bar if you want to take the time and hassle of getting one for your home. Dumbbells and a bar aren’t too expensive anyway, and every selfrespecting body builder should, at the very least, have a pair of weights at home.

There are the BIG eight.

When we’re talking about bodyweight exercises, however, we are talking mostly about compound exercises that need no equipment whatsoever to be done. If, for example, you’ve been stranded on a deserted island with nothing else with you and you still want to build muscle as though looking for ways to be rescued is not your top priority, it is the BIG eight exercises that will get you through. You can surprise your relatives and loved ones after several months of being a castaway, provided someone will actually find you, with the following exercises:
• Squats
• Calf raises
• Bench press
• Pull ups
• Bench dips
Bicep curls
• Military press
• Crunches


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