Meditation says accept at all as you are! This is the basic note, all out acceptance. Just through total acceptance would you be able to grow. At that point utilize all the vitality you have.
In what manner would you be able to utilize them? Accept them, and afterward find out what these energies are– what is sex, what is this phenomenon.
We are not familiar with it. We know many things about sex, taught by others. We may have gone through the sex-act, however with a split personality, with a suppressive demeanor, in scurry, in a rush. Something must be done so as to end up unburdened. The sex-act is not an adoring demonstration.


You are not glad in it, but rather you can’t abandon it. The more you attempt to abandon it, the more appealing it gets to be. The more you need to invalidate it, the more you feel welcomed.
You can’t refute it, yet this demeanor to discredit, to obliterate, annihilates the very personality, the very mindfulness, the very affectability which can comprehend it.
So sex goes ahead with no sensitivity into it. At that point you can’t comprehend it. Just a profound sensitivity can comprehend anything; just a profound feeling, a profound moving into it, can comprehend anything.

You can comprehend sex just if you move in it as a poet moves in the midst of flowers– at exactly that point! If you feel remorseful about flowers, you may go through the garden; however you will go with closed eyes. Also, you will be in a rush, in a profound, frantic scramble.
You are a unique secret of much multi-dimensional energies. Accept it, and move with each vitality with profound sensitivity, with mindfulness, with adoration, with comprehension.
Move with it! At that point each desire turns into a vehicle to go past it. At that point each vitality turns into an assistance. And after that this exceptionally world is Supreme- Enlightenment, this very body is a temple– a heavenly temple, a sacred place.

Meditation says there is no duality; it is just an appearance. So why help appearance to become more grounded? Meditation solicits, why help this appearance from duality to become more grounded?
Dissolve it this very instant! Be one! Through acceptance you turn into one, not through fight. Accept the world, accept the body, and accept everything that is intrinsic in it.
Try not to make an alternate center in yourself, as for meditation that distinctive center is only the conscience. Try not to make a personality. Simply be mindful of what you are. In the event that you fight, then the conscience will be there.
Meditation says no fight! At that point there is no plausibility of the self image. In the event that we comprehend meditation there will be numerous issues, as for us, if there is no fight there is just liberality.

No fight implies liberality for us. At that point we get to be anxious. We have reveled for lives together and we have come to no place. Yet, for meditation liberality is not “our” liberality. Meditation says enjoy, however with awareness.
You are irate, meditation won’t say don’t be irate. Meditation will say be furious wholeheartedly, yet with awareness. Meditation is not against anger; it is just against spiritual sluggishness, profound obviousness. Be aware and be furious!
This is the mystery of the technique– that if you are aware, anger is transformed: it gets to be sympathy and compassion.


So meditation says anger is not your foe; it is empathy in seed structure. The same resentment, the same vitality, will get to be compassion.
On the off chance that you fight with it, then there will be no probability for empathy. So if you succeed in fighting, in concealment, you will be a dead man.
There will be no anger as you have smothered it; however there will be no sympathy either as no one but anger can be changed into compassion.
If you succeed in your concealment– which is incomprehensible– then there will be no sex, however no love either, on the grounds that with sex dead there is no vitality to grow into love. So you will be without sex, yet you will likewise be without love.

And after that the general purpose is missed, as without love there is no divineness, without love there is no freedom, and without love there is no liberation.
So meditation says, don’t fight, be friendly with all the energies that are given to you. Welcome them. Feel thankful that you have anger, that you engage in sexual relations, that you have desires.
Feel appreciative as these are the hidden sources, and they can be transformed, they can be opened. When sex is transformed it gets to be LOVE. The poisonous substance is lost, the ugliness is lost.
The seed is ugly, yet when it gets to be alive it sprouts and blooms. At that point there is beauty.