An elusive six-pack has always been the body builder’s dream. Any person who has ever dared to lose some fat and pack on some muscle, whether for aesthetic, health, or competitive purposes, would not call himself a body builder if he has never aimed for a set of ripped, washboard abs. Then again, those dream abs are always the hardest ones to achieve mainly because the fat surrounding the abdominal muscles is always the last one to go.
There are three essentials to getting washboard abs: cardiovascular exercises for fat loss, strength training for muscle gain, and a good diet. Believe it or not, it’s the dieting part that will hugely influence your quest for ripped abdominals, or even for just a flatter and more flattering tummy.

Get Ripped Abs Fast…Pump Up the Cardio

No matter how hard you train, you won’t get the abs you want if you don’t do some cardio. This is one mistake made by a lot of beginning body builders. They think that strength training will do all the work for them, which is absolutely wrong to begin with. A good exercise regimen is one that combines both cardio and strength training routines. If you want a six-pack set to show up, then burn the fat away three to four times every week with at least 30 minutes of cardio. Jogging or running is always your fastest recourse. You can also alternate with swimming, jumping rope, biking, hiking, or aerobics.

Get Ripped Abs Fast…Add Some Weight

One thing that is extremely important to weight training your abdominals is so often overlooked by almost everybody—the weights. Have you ever trained your biceps without putting some weight on? Of course not. It is also the same for your abs. The key to building midsection muscles worth showing off at the beach (or anywhere you can get away with) is to add resistance. So next time you sit down for some crunches (which should be not more often than two times per week, by the way, since you should always treat your abs the way you treat other muscle groups) grab a pair of weights and hold them to your chest. You’ll work the abs harder that way.

Get Ripped Abs Fast…Watch What You Eat

If you seriously want to get a better-looking tummy (even if you just want to flatten out the love handles), you have to really watch what you eat. You can’t use slaving away at the gym and on the tracks as an excuse for gorging on whatever is laid out in front of you. A good regimen for the abs focuses a great deal on the foods that we take in.
Even if you’re a beginner in bodybuilding, common sense already has it that keeping the fat intake minimal is a requirement. This doesn’t mean you should cut it down to zero, though, because you need a small amount of good fats (fish oils, olive oil, and some nuts) to keep yourself healthy. What you should focus on is getting the right kinds of and the right amounts of proteins and carbohydrates to meet the recommended amount of daily caloric intake.
Where you get your protein is very important to your overall regimen. Meat sources, such as lean beef, chicken breasts, turkey, and fishes like tilapia and cod will keep your abs muscles feeling solid and rock hard, which will make it faster for you to burn away the last remaining vestiges of belly fat. Your carbohydrates, on the other hand, can be taken in cycles, especially if you have already trimmed down body fat to the desired level where you could actually focus on packing on the muscles. You can focus on eating single foods, like brown rice and chicken, for a week and then work on bulking up with pasta and sausage for the next week. Alternating your carbohydrates will speed up your metabolism while at the same time increasing muscle power.


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