I’d bet on it that you have never met a bodybuilder who has deliberately snubbed working on the biceps, and triceps, the back, and his rippling six-pack abs. But how many body builders have you ever heard wanting to work out their forearms? Only the more serious ones actually memorize how to train each and every muscle in the body, but many casual body builders often forgo the forearms.

How to Get Bigger Forearms ??

You didn’t think beefing up the upper arms will also boost the forearms, did you? Actually, it won’t. The upper and the lower arms have separate sets of muscles. The upper arms have their muscles originating from the shoulders to the elbows, and the lower arms from the inside of the elbows to the wrist. Working out the upper arms properly will definitely get you rock-hard biceps and triceps, but your forearms will absolutely remain the same bony twigs they used to be.

So if you’re serious about building your body hardcore, never, ever neglect the oft forgotten muscles in your body, starting with the forearms.

Why Build Up the Forearms

Aside from the very evident reason that getting bigger forearms will make you look better, thus increasing your chances of scoring a date, exercising the forearms also has other less obvious benefits, including:

  1.  A stronger grip. Increasing strength in the forearms gives you a steel grip, which, in turn, gives you more power when doing pulling exercises, such as seated rows, and bench presses and shoulder presses.
  2.  Stabilized wrists. You may think more stable wrists have nothing to do with the entire package of body building exercises, but when you do push-ups, bench presses, and other pushing exercises, you place much of your body weight on your wrists. You get the point now?

When to Exercise Your Forearms

The muscles in the forearms are considered slow-twitch muscles. They use up less oxygen in a longer period of time, allowing them to perform prolonged contractions than usual. This means the forearms don’t get so tired as quickly as the fast-twitch muscles. It’s safe to say that you can exercise your forearms after every workout because they will recover more quickly than you’d expect them to. Don’t schedule your forearms training at the start of your workout because your grip won’t even come close to warmed up enough to hold on tight.

Forearm Exercises for Body Builders

Forearm Exercises for Body Builders
Forearm Exercises for Body Builders

Below are five powerful exercises that isolate the forearms. You’ll notice that each of them requires the use of dumbbells or a barbell. This is because every time you close your fist around something, you’re not only using the muscles of the hands. You’re also using, and therefore exercising, the muscles of the forearms.

  1. Wrist Curls. Kneel in front of a bench and place your arms on it, with your hands dangling freely off the edge. Keep your back straight and your shoulders retracted and hold a set of dumbbells or a barbell in your hands, palms up. Raise the weights as high as you can, keeping your elbow firmly on the bench, and lower them as low as you can. Be sure that you lift and lower the weights through a full range of motion. 12 to 15 reps is ideal for wrist curls.
  2. Reverse Wrist Curls. This is done like the wrist curls, but with the palms down. Be sure that you keep your shoulders back and your elbows firmly on the bench. Once position is compromised, then so are your forearm muscles. Don’t hold the weights too tightly because the tendons may limit you from moving the wrists through a full range of motion.
  3.  Behind-the-back Wrist Curls. Place a barbell on a squat rack and position yourself with your back facing the barbell. Hold the weight from behind, both arms placed at shoulder’s width. Then lift the barbell up with your wrist as high as you can and squeeze the forearm muscles. Let the weight roll down and repeat. Always use your wrists to lift the weight up.
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