Does Penis Size Matter?

Research has shown that the average penis is somewhere between five to seven inches when fully erect. It’s impossible to get a definitive answer on whether or not size matters to women because they express such a wide variety of opinions, but there have been a few studies on the subject, so does penis size matter?

Does Penis Size Matter
Does Penis Size Matter

In an Australian study, 105 straight women were provided with varying computer-generated images of the male form. There were 343 figures designed to cover all possible combinations of height, shoulder-to-hip ratio and penis size. Skin color, race, hair and other physical characteristics did not enter into the equation.
As the female participants in the study viewed and rated the images, it became clear that these physical factors play a major role in determining attractiveness.
For unknown reasons, it was found that women placed penis size at a greater level of importance when the figure was taller. It was also found that:
-Taller women placed more importance on height.Generally, women seem to prefer men that are taller than them.

-Women’s ages didn’t seem to have an effect on what they found attractive.

-Shoulder-to-hip ratio was found to have the greatest effect on determining attractiveness.

-Penis size was determined to be more important when the man was taller.

You’ll probably be glad to know that a British study later demonstrated that most women are happy with the size of their partner’s penis. While penis size does factor into attractiveness, it has been deemed much less important than a healthy emotional connection.
A study done at the Kinsey Institute at Indiana University showed that up to 20 percent of men are concerned with their size.

Other studies have indicated that up to 55 percent of men are dissatisfied with themselves. It’s possible that many average-sized men are worrying needlessly about whether or not they measure up, especially when you consider all the locker-room talk about how much size matters.
The Size Issue no one Talks About: Being too Large Most of the discussion around men and penis size involves being too small, and most men don’t stop to consider that some guys who are hung like a horse might not be that well off.

Again, Does Penis Size Matter ?

Many women, especially those that are very petite, complain that a larger-than-average guy can be difficult to take in. Sex with a larger man can sometimes lead to pain, vaginal punctures and even a dislocated jaw from attempting oral sex.
All of these things can obviously be a serious downer in a relationship. If you’re of an average size and have never faced this problem, consider yourself lucky. By learning the correct sexual positions and techniques, a man with a less-than-average size can still bring a woman a great amount of pleasure.

A massive penis might be something you’ve wished for over the course of your life, but it won’t do you much good unless you plan on becoming a porn star. How Size Matters in Other Departments Women want men who can offer a better life, which includes great sex, a happy home and of course, money.

However, none of these things matter if you can’t offer a satisfying emotional connection.
Women want men who they can talk to. They want someone to make them laugh. If penile girth isn’t your strong point, focus on your other big areas: your heart, your generosity and your sense of humor.

Penis Enlargement: Is it Worth Looking into?

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