Fish oil contains omega-3 fatty acids are very useful thanks. Fish oil benefits of depression treatment of many diseases ranging from diabetes has therapeutic properties.

Fish oil benefits Useful for many psychological disturbance, bassist depression

•One of the biggest benefits of fish oil because of macular degeneration vision loss in people living in the property indicates a therapeutic.
• Heart disease in people consuming fish oil were less common.
• People with high cholesterol patients who consumed fish oil reduced cholesterol levels
• In addition, have the effect of raising good cholesterol fish oil can cause cancer, some tumors have features of the expected destructive
• Fish oil is very beneficial for people with attention deficit
• Patients with schizophrenia are the property of regressive disease
• Fish oil used in the treatment of obesity is quite good results
• Rheumatic pain, joint pain, edema, swelling in joints is also very destructive to property in the fish oil benefits.

Types of fish oil:
1 – Fish body oil: fish, fish oil obtained from the stem.
2 – Cod liver oil: fish oil from fish livers.Both are contain omega- 3. Cod liver oil is also rich in vitamin A and D.

In children the use of fish oil: Omega- 3 positively affects cognitive development and learning capacity of children with fame has been observed to increase.

Hyperactivity in children, omega- 3 provided an important contribution to eliminating this problem voiced by the medical men in a determined.

The use of fish oil during pregnancy: vitamin mineral supplements in addition to the use of omega- 3 is recommended to pregnant women. In the last three months of pregnancy, the use of fish oil during pregnancy and the first few months after birth is recommended for use by breastfeeding mothers.