Anger is an interesting emotion and anger management is necessary to maintain mental health. In general, society frowns upon it, and with good reason; when expressed via violence, anger does plenty of harm and absolutely no good.

However, it’s not like we can avoid feeling angry. It’s a natural response, and depending upon your personality, you may be more prone to it than others.

There’s not much we can do about feeling angry. We can learn to use our anger productively, though. In order to feel proud of yourself as a person, you need to take responsibility for your own actions. You can’t let your emotions rule over you. You need to harness them and use them in the best way you can.

That’s what makes anger so interesting. If you let it control you, it can be one of the worst elements of your character. If you can control it, though, it can allow you to flourish and succeed in ways you may not have been able to imagine.

If this emotion has a hold over you – for whatever reason, be it a lost girlfriend, lost job, or bruised ego – try to see it as. . .

Anger management  Techniques : Energy

Turn your anger into energy
Turn your anger into energy

Anyone who has ever been to the gym after a particularly stressful day at work knows that anger can fuel the fire inside of you in ways that no energy drink can ever match. Whatever it is you’re working towards, be it getting in shape or building a business, let your anger work in service of that goal. It takes some discipline to take what is an unwieldy emotion and target it in such a focused way, but doing so will yield tremendous rewards.

Anger management  Techniques : A Test

In life, you’ll have to learn to deal with unpleasant emotions. Some people do this through meditation, some through exercise, some through any other healthy form of self-control.

Whatever your chosen method, use your rage as an opportunity to test yourself. Even in this state, can you take the reins and direct your own behavior and attitude? Being able to manage the less volatile emotions is one thing; the true test of your skill is whether or not you can take something as intense as anger and manage it effectively.

Anger management  Techniques : Insight

Regardless of your own religious or spiritual beliefs, most traditions in the world emphasize a life of balance. It is known throughout all cultures that anger is unavoidable. Over the course of humankind, though, we’ve developed different ways of looking at how negative experiences contribute to a well-rounded life.

Instead of being upset over the fact that you are angry – which will only serve to increase your anger, most likely – accept it as part of being human. Doing so will further your growth as an individual.

Anger management  Techniques : Perspective

What makes you angry? Most of us do get irritated over certain trivial matters – for some it is the behavior of a spouse, for others it is even as basic as someone else’s musical tastes – but we also get angry when we feel that a value of ours has been compromised. When you watch the news, what gets under your skin? What truly sends your blood boiling?

We all could use more and more methods to reflect on ourselves. It helps to have windows into your own mind, into your own core being. Anger can serve that purpose. The next time you feel this emotion, see it as an opportunity to learn more about who you are. If you can’t immediately identify the minor irritant that upset you, there is a good chance that something more significant is at work. Try to determine what that is, and you may learn more about your values than you would have expected.

Anger management  Techniques : Inspiration

Some of the greatest art out there has been created because someone was angry. Paintings depicting intense scenes of savagery. Political allegories skewering real figures. Heavy metal music.

Men should always have opportunities to express their own creative forces. That doesn’t mean you have to be an art student, it just means you should have outlets in life for your views. Anger can become very effective for you when you decide to use it in service of such pursuits. When you feel so angry you could punch something, it might make more sense to paint something.

As we’ve made clear, unless you retreat into the mountains for decades to achieve enlightenment, you will doubtlessly encounter moments of anger in your life. You don’t need to feel ashamed of that. All you need to do is strive to feel proud of the way in which you deal with it.