Addiction in few words

If you are taking a substance because you are depressed, your depression may be physiologically induced, perhaps due to some form of brain imbalance. You might have for example a blood sugar imbalance. Either of these conditions can be manifested as depression. In order to get away from the chronic feeling of emptiness that frequently accompanies depression, people will start to drink, which is an addiction.

What is addiction
What is addiction ?

Why we fall in addiction ?

One of the reasons people drink is that it takes away the feelings: both the highs and the lows. It gives the drinker a sense of being in a never-never land.

The same is true of many drugs. People take drugs because it gives them a euphoria they wouldn’t have achieved on their own or that they may have had but could not sustain. So they keep going back to it. Once you get used to that, it’s quick and easy to just stick a needle in your arm or put some form of narcotic up your nose. You drink it or ingest it. None of this helps you resolve the underlying conflict, which may be biological, psychological, or a combination of the two.

How to heal addiction ?

I think that the best single way to approach this is to get the person into a systematic cleansing program where the person actually breaks all physical addictions, and not just to one thing like sugar, but also every other thing they could be allergic to. That seems to be a major first step. The person’s energy comes back. See, a very big thing about any addiction withdrawal is the lack of energy. So when you substitute for the energy they had been getting from the drug by giving it to the person naturally, through the body’s own process of metabolism, the person feels better.

Then you start to rebuild the center of the brain with phosphatidyl with certain herbs like feverfew and green tea.
Then flood the body with flavonoids. The person should also juice,taking anywhere from four to seven glasses of organic vegetable juice a day. Within six months to a year,experiences show that people who have been totally addicted clear up about 80 percent, stay off, and not come back.
Consider the alternative: You might end up face down on a slab… of hamburger patties.