The alarm rings and instantly your hand reaches for the snooze button. Before you know it, you are running late for work. You jump into the shower, put on your clothes haphazardly and make a mad dash outside the house; not even bothering eating anything for breakfast. You are late and you have to rush to get to work or school. Sounds familiar?

If this is how your morning looks like every day, except for the weekends and holidays, then chances are you are a chronic late riser and your morning rituals are less than ideal.  Also, you are missing out a lot in terms of starting your day at the right foot and making it more productive. There are many advantages to getting up early and developing a more ideal morning ritual. Even if your bed is so cozy and it feels more natural to doze off for a few more minutes after the alarm goes off, this is not a good and healthy habit. So why should you wake up early?

Reason #1: You acquire a winner’s mindset.

When the alarm goes off at 5:00 in the morning, there is always that tiny small voice in your head that tells you 5 more minutes won’t hurt or that it is perfectly alright to wake up later today because you slept late last night. Do not be a victim to this inner voice and instead have the desire to conquer it and emerge victorious. When you do, you will start the day on a high note and feel like a winner who is able to conquer anything the day throws.

Reason #2: There are less distractions in the morning.

If you are the typical busy person, your day starts to get filled fast. The moment you set your foot out the door and begin your commute to work, you are bombarded with too many distractions to allow you to spend some time off with yourself and get your day in order. Chances are, you become too distracted with the day’s activities to be able to do something meaningful for yourself such as meditate or do some personal reading. By getting up early in the morning, you giveyourself enough time to tackle personal priorities before the distractions of the day set in.

Reason #3: You become more cheerful.

Early risers are generally more positive people than those who wake up late. By rising early, your body rhythms are more in tune with that of nature and once you get the hang of getting up early you begin to enjoy the beauty of nature in the morning. Also, you do not start the day rushing and instead you have time to reflect or meditate. This gets you off in a good mood to enjoy the day more and have a generally positive disposition.

Reason #4: You become more active and proactive.

Early risers are able to actually find the time to exercise which makes them start the day with more energy, focus and enthusiasm. This leads to a less stressful day since they are able to anticipate problems quickly and formulate solutions for them.

Reason #5: You sleep better at night.

By waking up early and starting the day right, you will discover that sleeping at night becomes easier and more restful. Since you started the day early, when night time comes, you will be able to sleep better which ultimately will help you get up early again the next day. You will also discover that you’ll be sleeping at an earlier time than before which means your body is now in tune with nature’s normal circadian rhythms.

Reason #6: You get to spend more family time.

Because you woke up early and had an early start to your day, you are able to perform majority of your tasks early on. This allows you to have extra time in the evening to spend with your family without worrying that you have some pending work left to do.Reason #7: You have time for a decent breakfast.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and rushing off to work with just a bagel would hardly give you the energy you need to get everything done during the day. By getting up early, you allow yourself time to prepare and eat a decent breakfast ultimately having more fuel for the day that lies ahead.

Reason #8: You get to be one step ahead of the crowd.

Early risers start the day in a calm and collected manner because they have been able to plan and strategize the day ahead. Their days are usually under control and more organized than the late risers who simply rush off to get the day going. Because of this they tend to make less mistakes at work, get more things done and ultimately be more productive.

There are many benefits to waking up early. The list above is not exhaustive and surely, you’ll find more reasons to convince yourself to finally forego the snooze button and get out of bed as soon as the alarm goes off. But getting up early is not enough – you have to also develop effective and efficient morning rituals. Even if you get up earlier than usual, if you don’t have a morning routine to follow, chances are you will fall back into being a late riser and miss the benefits of being a morning person.